nilmtk.dataset_converters.dataport package


nilmtk.dataset_converters.dataport.download_dataport module

nilmtk.dataset_converters.dataport.download_dataport.download_dataport(database_username, database_password, hdf_filename, periods_to_load=None)[source]

Downloads data from dataport database into an HDF5 file.


hdf_filename : str

Output HDF filename. If file exists already then will be deleted.

database_username, database_password : str

periods_to_load : dict of tuples, optional

Key of dict is the building number (int). Values are (<start date>, <end date>) e.g. (“2013-04-01”, None) or (“2013-04-01”, “2013-08-01”) defaults to all buildings and all date ranges

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